The T03DSP High Performance Transceiver with DSP IF processing

Designed by Oleg Skydan UR3IQO

The Screen Shoots Gallery

Main Screens

The "home" screen. The icons on the left and right shows the current fuction of the multifunction keys. The multimeter can be switched off.
If you want to browse the memory contents just press one key and you are in the memory screen. If you want you can enter a short comment for each memory cell (English and Russian are supported).
The sweep screen is helpful in checking conditions on the "dead" bands or finding clean frequency for calling or ... it is just a cool thing :).

CW Related Screens

Here is the CW settings screen.
T03DSP does not support full break-in (QSK), but it provides high quality semi-break-in without shortening first CW transmitted character.
An automatic memory keyer with automatic contest number generation is just what is needed for contesting. The number format can be chosen from the 5 different formats.
The automatic memory keyer settings screen. The number format can be chosen from the 5 different formats.
The keyer's message editor message selection screen.
An automatic memory keyer message editor.

RTTY Decoder Related Screens

RTTY decoder is implemented in software now. You can enjoy receiving RTTY without any additional equipment! The transmit capability will be implemented later (it will require only software updating, since AT keyboard interface is already there).

Now the tuning indicator (two bars just below the frequency line) and AFC are implemented also.

The decoded text can be observed wile adjusting the RTTY squelch. The squelch level is indicated on the RTTY tuning indicator also.
The English, Russian and Extended baudot codes are supported by RTTY decoder.

SSB Related Screens

SSB microphone settings screen.

The TX bandwidth for SSB/D-SSB modes can be adjusted form 100Hz to 3000Hz with adjustable low cut.
Just an SSB VOX settings screen.
The squelch in the SSB mode operates as voice sensitive squelch. It will not be opened by the steady cariers.

RX Related Screens

The AGC system is very flexible in the T03DSP. None of the other amateur transceiver/receiver provides adjustable AGC Slope (0/3/6/10/15 dB).

The manual notch is the other super tool in the interference supression. It provides adjustable width (60...350Hz in 10Hz steps) with the "brick wall" shape factor (30Hz@-60dB width, 60Hz@-6 dB width).

The other very usefull feature is the ability to track the interference when you change the operating frequency (sorting out the CW pileup for example).

Noise blanker can make difference of no copy or 100% copy on signals corrupted by man-made impulse noise (See Noise Blanker page for detailes).
Noise reduction uses an autocorellation algorithm and can make amazing things aspecially with the CW signals (The noise reduction level is continuosly adjustable from the front panel).
The tone controls will help to adjust the frequency response to suite your taste (or phones).


Misc. (not frequently used) setiings are available from the Settings screen.

Frequency calibration screen. You do not need to have screwdriver to do it ;).

Meter settings/calibration screen. The calibration routines are very simple. Just apply S9 signal and press S9 button, or adjust output power for 15W and press 15W button. 
24 hour real time clock can be adjusted too of course.
This screen is used for various testing purposes (the transmitter can be switched OFF or dual tone generator can be turn ON).
There are two tuning rates - fast and slow. The adjustable smart step feature icreases tuning rate when you tune too fast.
5 modes are available by now (the PSK31 decoder is not implemented yet).
The direct frequency input with the quick split function is available.

There are some others screens (for example for flash update and etc.) and the number of them increases from time to time with the software development.

All materials provided here are copyright by Oleg Skydan. In all cases, materials are provided for the purpose of self education and training in Amateur Radio. No use may be make for commercial purposes without permission of the author. Please send any comments and questions to Oleg Skydan UR3IQO.
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