The T03DSP High Performance Transceiver with DSP IF processing

Designed by Oleg Skydan UR3IQO


I have measured the following specifications:

Coverage Amateur radio bands (160m,80m,40m,30m,20m,17m,15m,12m,10m)
Tuning step size 0.25 Hz and more (two tuning speed for each mode is available), implemented adaptive tuning step (1x..20x)
Tuning rate 625Hz per revolution (for 0.25Hz step size)
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm (two SO-239 antenna terminals)
Modes USB, LSB, CW (Normal/Reverse), AFSK, RTTY (decode only by now), (PSK31 with decoder and coder will be implemented in software later)
IFs 1st IF=5MHz 2nd IF=16kHz
Display 128x64 graphic LCD, Yellow-Green LED backlit
Supply 13.8V
Dimensions 290mm x 300mm x 150mm (WxDxH)
The following specifications have been measured with the preamplifier is OFF.
Noise figure 17 dB
IMD3 DR @ 20kHz spacing, 500Hz BW 102...109 dB (depending from the band)
IP3 @ 20kHz spacing +30...+40.5 dBm (depending from the band)
IP3 @ 5kHz spacing +28.5 dBm
IP3 @ 1kHz spacing (two tones inside the roofing filter passband) +9dBm
The following specifications have been measured with the preamplifier is ON.
Noise figure 10 dB
IMD3 DR @ 20kHz spacing, 500Hz BW 100...107 dB (depending from the band)
IP3 @ 20kHz spacing +20...+30.5 dBm (depending from the band)
Receiver phase noise
2kHz spacing -120 dBc/Hz
5kHz spacing -128 dBc/Hz
10kHz spacing -133 dBc/Hz
20kHz spacing -136 dBc/Hz
40kHz spacing -142 dBc/Hz
AGC system parameters
AGC system Forward type, all digital
AGC range 108 dB
AGC hang time (programmable) 0.02-5.00 s (in 0.02 s steps)
AGC attack time 1 ms
AGC slope/depth Adjustable (0dB, 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 15dB)
In-Band IMD Less than -60 dB (for S9 and S9+40dB signal in any AGC mode)
DSP filters parameters
Selectivity 100Hz-3000Hz bandwidth in 50Hz steps
Manual notch Adjustable 60...350Hz @-6dB width in 10Hz steps (30Hz@-60dB width, 60Hz@-6 dB width; tunable LMS adaptive filter). Implemented tracking mode.
Auto notch Modified adaptive NLMS filter
Noise reduction Adaptive Autocorellation filter (adjustable autocorellation function length, front panel adjustable noise reduction level)
Noise blanker DSP based, adjustable threshold and blanking pulse width
Bass/Treble control -6dB..+6dB in 1dB steps
Output power 20W continuous
IMD3 -42 dB @ 10W output,  -29dB @ 20W output
SSB monitor DSP IF
CW envelope shape sine^4 shape, adjustable rise/fall from 2ms to 8ms
Automatic memory keyer (built in)
Speed (adjustable from the front panel) 10-60 WPM
Memory 12 message, up to 55 characters each
Sidetone pure sine shape, adjustable from 150Hz to 1500Hz in 5 Hz steps
Dash/Dot ratio adjustable from 1:2.5 to 1:4.5 in 0.25 steps
Other features Automatic contest number generation, 5 different number formats available

RX:S-meter, TX: Output power, SWR and compression selectable 


RX:S-meter and calibrated input signal power meter

TX:Output power, SWR and compression (displayed simultaneously)

Other features

24h real time clock (powered from ionistor during power off periods)

30 memory channels with brief comments
5 tunable quick memory channels
Triple band stacking register
AFC and tuning indicator in RTTY mode
Adjustable voice operated squelch for SSB mode
CAT system compatible with Kenwood command set
Built in dual tone generator for transmitter testing

All materials provided here are copyright by Oleg Skydan. In all cases, materials are provided for the purpose of self education and training in Amateur Radio. No use may be make for commercial purposes without permission of the author. Please send any comments and questions to Oleg Skydan UR3IQO.
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Made in Ukraine